Kodif is a low-code platform that lets non-technical teams build powerful self-serve CX flows

Unblock non-technical teams to build powerful CX flows, test them and run experiments. No coding skills required.

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Why Kodif?

Reduction in customer support costs

Deflect high volume tickets and reduce customer support costs by up to 70%.

Effortless customer experience

If customers reach out, it means things went wrong. Don’t delight them. Instead, resolve their problem with the lowest customer effort score (CES) possible.

Consistency in resolutions

Agents are humans, and often they go off the scripts. Self-serve flows make sure you provide consistent customer support with no room for error.


Build flows and get visibility into them

Turn agent scripts into a decision tree using the drag-and-drop menu. Be able to adapt the business logic and rules when necessary.

Easily edit customer facing UI with mobile and web SDKs

Edit forms in the same application for both mobile and web clients and get changes reflected immediately. No need to wait for mobile release schedules.

Get insightful and actionable analytics

Get visibility into CSAT, CES and expense for every flow and branch. Measure what matters most and get actionable insights.


Test new flows to improve metrics (CSAT, NPS) or optimize your refund expenses. Run A/B tests and track results.

Go deep when necessary

Extend the platform using your own code. Customize it to your company’s needs.

Other features of our platform

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Fully in the cloud

Build automations and workflows in the cloud

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Create new versions of workflows and track changes

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Seamless integrations with CRMs and your internal systems

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Test your workflows to safely launch to production

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Logging and Analytics

Unlock the value of data and get actionable insights

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Training and support

Comprehensive documentation, tutorials and support

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